Request Recommendations

If there is a need to obtain additional information or direction on a specific issue from Consultants, discipline specific Consultants can be selected and additional information can be requested.


To request Recommendations:

  1. From the Top Toolbar, click .

The Select Disciplines window window appears.

  1. Select the Discipline from which you want to receive Recommendations.
  1. Click .

Who's next?
Selected discipline's Consultant to review and provide recommendation. For more information, see Recommendation
What's next?
A confirmation page affirming all required information is completed and the document has successfully transitioned to the identified status.
Additional Document Options
  1. Once you have requested, you can select one of the following options:
    1. To view or print the document, click the View/Print link.
    2. To view a PDF of the document, click the PDF link.
    3. To return to the document specific Search page, click Return to [Document Specific] Search.
    4. To return to the Home page, click the Home Click at anytime in Onware to return to the Home page icon.