Copy a Project

You can use the Copy this Project function to quickly create a new project, using information already included in an existing project.


To a copy an existing project:

  1. Search for the project you want to edit. For steps to search for a project, see Search for a Project.

  1. Next to the project you want to copy, click Edit.

The Project Directory for the specific project displays.

  1. Click

The Project Copy page displays.

  1. Select the check boxes for the items you want to copy over to the new project.

    Note: If no check boxes are selected, all of the users and any project information entered on the Project Edit page for the project being copied will be copied over to the new project.

  1. Click .

The Project Directory page for the new project displays.


Note: The copied project has a status of Inactive by default. For more information on editing a project, see Edit a Project.