Add Project E-Mail Subscriptions

To add e-mail subscriptions to a project:

  1. Access the E-mail Subscription Configuration page. For more information, see Configure E-mail Subscriptions

    The E-mail Subscription Configuration page displays.

  1. Select the project participants to whom you would like to add e-mail subscriptions.

  2. Select a Document Type.

  3. Select check boxes for the Status(es) to which you want to set up e-mail subscriptions.

    Note: The statuses available depend on the type of document that is selected, as individual documents have different statuses. For more information, see .

  4. Click .

    The new e-mail subscriptions appear under Existing E-mail Subscriptions section.


Note: You can also add E-mail Subscription to a User's account. For more information, see Add an E-mail Subscription to a User Account