Delete Project E-Mail Subscriptions

To delete e-mail subscriptions from a project:

  1. Access the E-mail Subscription Configuration page. For more information, see Configure E-mail Subscriptions

    The E-mail Subscription Configuration page displays.

  1. Perform any of the following options, as required:

    1. Click Remove. on the right side of the subscription to remove individual E-mail subscription.

    2. To remove multiple E-mail subscriptions, select the check box next to the subscriptions.

      1. In the Select an Action drop-down, select Delete.

      2. Click the Perform Selected Action icon.

  2. The selected E-mail subscriptions are removed from the Existing E-mail Subscriptions list.


Note: You can also delete E-mail Subscription to a User's account. For more information, see Delete an E-mail Subscription from a User Account