Request Recommendations on a Quotation

If you need additional information or input on a quotation, you can request recommendations from Consultants, or submit a recommendation from your discipline. You can also access the document on the Quotation Search page.

To request recommendations on a quotation:

  1. Click on the Project that contains the Quotation in your Action Itemslist.

The Action Items list expands.

Tip: Documents requiring your review will be labeled "Issued for Review" after the document title.

  1. Click the Action Item.

The Quotation page displays.

  1. Once you have reviewed the Quotation, if required, you can revise the following fields:
  2. Select the type of recommendation you want to request:
  1. Enter a recommendation for your Discipline. For steps on this process, see Provide Recommendation on a Quotation for more information.
  2. If you want to request additional input from Consultants, click . For more information, see Request Recommendations.

The Quotation page displays and the Quotation's status changes to Requesting Recommendations.

  • If you receive an error message, include all required information indicated in the error message and contact Onware Inc..
  • If your document was successful, the Quotation page displays and a success message appears.

Additional Issued Document Options
  1. Once you have requested Recommendations for the document, you can select one of the following options:
    1. To view or print the issued document, click the View/Print link.
    2. To view a PDF of the issued document, click the PDF link.
    3. To return to the document specific Search page, click Return to [Document Specific] Search
    4. To return to the Home page, click the Home Click at anytime in Onware to return to the Home page icon.
Who's next?
Consultant to review and provide recommendation on the Quotation. For more information, see Respond to Recommendation Request on a Quotation
What's next?
A confirmation page affirming all required information is completed and the document has successfully transitioned to the identified status.