Release Date: March 26, 2020



Standard Search Page Layout, including Package and Email Package functions, now available everywhere!

The consolidated action link dropdown is now standard on all document types. Actions available will be dependent on user's access and status of the document. Previously, Package and E-mail Package functionality was available only on certain documents. All feedback on these two new features has been positive and we are happy to announce in version 9.24.0, we have these features across all documents.


E-mail Package Improvements

When "E-mail Package" is selected, a confirmation message will display letting you know that your request is being processed.

A threshold has been identified when the number of documents for a Change Order package is too large and the package will be unsuccessful in generating.  When this threshold is exceeded, a warning message will now display and the package will not be available.


Create & Edit Site Visit Item

Prior to 9.24.0, "New Item" displayed as a pop-up window. Based on user feedback, we have re-designed this function with a more mobile-friendly layout. Users can now add a New Item in "form to expand" layout.  While the layout has been adjusted, all fields previously available are still available.  In addition, when creating a new area, a warning message will now display if it is identified an existing area matching the Number and Name of the new area already exists.

To help identify which Site Visit document the Item originated, the Site Visit Number will be displayed for every item. In addition, the Items on the Site Visit has also been replaced with an inline grid display. To edit, simply double-click on the Site Visit Item within the inline editor grid.


Additional Action Button in Site Visit

Contract Administrator can now choose which status the Site Visit should transition, based on the projects requirements.



Prior to 9.24.0, the only date range available for refining your search was the date the Change was issued for Pricing. We have updated the date filter criteria to provide more flexibility and can now be used to search dates of "Issued", "Issued for Pricing", and "Re-Issued for Pricing".


Additional Enhancements

  • "Browse for Project Users" list displays active and inactive users, and identifies which users are active
  • Request for Information CSV now includes revision details
  • Validation has been implemented to ensure all linked Consultant Recommendations on a Change have been closed prior to the Change being issued for Change Order.



Resolved Issues

Feature Description
Browser-related: Firefox When "Impersonate" function is used, impersonated user's name no longer displays when "clear" option is selected
Request for Information When an RFI response is "Marked Deleted" and subsequently "recovered", its original status before being "Marked Deleted" is now retained
Transmittal "Attach Related Documents" now displays results when selected
Site Visit When an Site Visit Item is imported, selecting "Import Items" again, the previous search for Item is now cleared
  • When all Consultant Recommendation(s) is received, Change transitions to "Reviewed" status

  • When all Consultant Recommendation(s) is received, all Contract Administrators on the project will receive an action item

Administrator Specific
  • When editing an "Associated Company" in a User profile, selecting "Yes" on an auto-fill address pop-up no longer freezes the page

  • When an active project is selected, and a new user is created the "Discipline" list displays the global discipline list

Progress Claim
  • When revision is requested on a Progress Claim, project's General Contractor Project Managers with e-mail notification enabled on their account will receive an action item email

  • E-mail Subscription for "Revision Requested" is generated when a revision is requested on a Progress Claim


For more information about previous releases, see Release Notes.