Release Date: February 21, 2021



Feature Description

9.29.0 introduces adjustment of Change action button wording to simplify and align the Change status terminology more closely with other documents produced in Onware, as well as improving the efficiency of the Change workflow when the “Owner Approval” setting is utilized.

To read more about the improvements and how they may affect you or your project, please read our blog post: https://onware.com/9-29-0-enhancements

Our User Guide’s step-by-step instructions have also been updated: Change


Resolved Issues

Feature Description
Request for Information (RFI) Most current discipline selection does not display when "Re-issue to Selected Discipline" is used
Change / Setting When Require Approval default setting is enabled and project's Require Approval setting is set to default, Owner Project Manager will now have ability to review a Change.
Change Request When Contract Administrator selects "re-open for editing" on a Change Request, the “initiated by ” name is now maintained.


For more information about previous releases, see Release Notes.