Release Date: November 11, 2021


Resolved Issues

Feature Description
Change Change now transitions to correct status when all attached Consultant Recommendations are issued.
Progress Claim Submitted On date & time now display based on timezone identified in user's preference.
Project Summary E-mail

Project Summary Report Email will now be sent to user identified as either PM/CA or PIC on the project and has E-mail Notification option enabled to receive Project Summary E-mails.

Quotation Selecting "View/Print" or "PDF" when closing the Quotation no longer clears the title.

Recommendation /

Consultant Recommendation

When selecting discipline(s), pop-up no longer auto-selects other discipline selection as part of the initial selection.
Site Visit When Site Visit is copied, PDF snapshot of the original Site Visit no longer copied to the new Site Visit.


User can now search by discipline in the Submittal To field.


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