Release Date: December 22, 2021


Feature Description
Single sign-in experience For more information, see https://onware.com/new-onware-sign-in/

Resolved Issues

Feature Description
Change Standard Report has been updated to reflect correct spelling on Change Order Status column.
Change Order Selecting "View/Print" or "PDF" when signing off a Change Order no longer generates error.
E-mail: Action Item Digest Notification

Users who are setup to receive Action Item Digest Email Notification will only receive Email if both user and project are still active in Onware.

Progress Claim Fixed error when creating new Progress Claim and selected contract does not have a contract value.
Project: Location Map Postal code pin on location map now displays correctly based on project's location.
Rich Text Editor Rich Text Editor's expand icon now available when editing text box field.
Site Visit
  • Renumbering a Site Visit Item no longer duplicates the item and deletes another item when number sort is triggered.

  • Items grid is retained when creating or editing Site Visit item and area with special character is selected.

  • When number sort is used, Site Visit items will now be displayed in ascending or descending numerical order.

Submittal User will be notified when stamp function is used on a Submittal attachment and user's associated company does not have a stamp configured.


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