Release Date: March 18, 2022


Feature Description
Progress Claim We've introduced "Submit" function for Contract Administrators which will allow them to transition the Progress Claim to "Submitted" status on behalf of the General Contractor. For more information about the updated workflow, please see Progress Claim.
  • Bluebeam section will now display the last activity on session details when Bluebeam session is in progress. All User(s) invited to the session will see the last activity information, which include the following:

    • Date/Time of the last activity

    • Name of project participant

    • Last activity/record performed

  • Setting: Flatten PDF

    • If setting is enabled, the Bluebeam session attachment will be flattened and then inserted as an attachment in the Submittal history when the session is finalized.

Resolved Issue

Feature Description
Change Contract Administrator will no longer receive an error when "Enter on Behalf of Contractor" function is selected and Change is in "Requesting" status.
Change Directive Contract Administrator will no longer receive an error on acknowledged Change Directive when cancel is selected.
Change Order / Setting Fixed issue on action button not updating correctly when Require Submitted Workflow is set on a Contract-level.
Contract Removed the Contract Mark-up section from Contract's edit page.
General: Error Message Error message has been updated to reflect correct document type when deleting a document and document can no longer be deleted.
General: Homepage Selecting a project using the dropdown arrow has been fixed.
General: Request Help Button
  • “Request Help” button no longer overlaps with details on SV manipulate report.

  • “Request Help” button is automatically hidden on smaller screen or devices

General: 3-dot icon Selecting the 3-dot icon on mobile or small devices now displays action buttons, as well as the “Scroll To” options for each document’s page.
Progress Claim

When General Contractor initiates a new Progress Claim and selects the contract from drop-down, document number updates to the next number in sequence based on selected Contract upon page refresh.

Project Administration: Replace User Search results will display based on list of existing users of the project being edited.
Site Visit
  • User can now save attachment(s) when editing Site Visit items.

  • When importing Site Visit items, import list now displays all items marked as deficiency from previous Site Visit reports.

  • “Delete”, “Mark as deleted”, and “Recover deleted” hyperlinks in the Submittal History section have been converted into buttons.

    Users can now sort the "Last Recipient" column on the Submittal search results grid.

  • Users identified in the To and From fields no longer clears.

  • Submittal Stamp:

    • Selecting stamp function no longer clears Submittal information.

    • When stamp function is selected and date is not identified or saved, user will receive an error.


For more information about previous releases, see Release Notes.