Release Date: May 4, 2022


Feature Description
Change Directive Selecting Create Change Order action when closing a Change Directive will auto-populate the Change Directive's description to the initiated Change Order's description field.
Change Order Workflow

Setting: Require Approval workflow

When setting is enabled, it alters the default Change Order workflow, where Change Order must be approved prior to acknowledgement.

Things to Consider:

The new workflow will apply to Change Orders issued after the setting is enabled.

General: Cancel action To provide a more precise description of the action, we have renamed the Cancel to Cancel Document. In addition, users will no longer see the Cancel option when reviewing documents. Instead, documents can now be cancelled by selecting Cancel Document from the Select an Action drop-down list in the document's search page.
Home Page: Select a Person Users who have multiple Onware accounts will now see a Switch Account option in their home page, allowing them to easily switch between their accounts. For more information, see Switch Account.
Home page: News Section The news section height has been adjusted.
Submittal New column for Due Date was added in the Submittal Search page results.

Resolved Issue

Feature Description
Change Order
  • Fixed error when selecting Add or Remove from the Associated Change or Associated Change Directive section.

  • Reports: If project has multiple Change Order approvers:

    • “Approved By” and “Approved On” date are now populated in the CSV report.

    • “Approved On” date is now populated in the “Signed By Owner” column in the Standard report.

General: Browser Related

When all browsers are closed, the following Onware cookies are automatically cleared:

  • User's login

  • Impersonated user (for Administrators)

  • Selected Project

  • Selected Discipline and/or Trade

Progress Claim Removed character limit on Reason for Revision field.
Recommendation: Action Item Only action item from discipline who provided a Recommendation will be marked as done for Consultant who is set with multiple disciplines in the project and both disciplines were requested to provide Recommendation.


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