Document Audit Log

The Audit Log allows administrators to view an audit trail for documents in Onware on a per project basis.

Note: The Audit Log is only available to Administrators.

View a Document Audit

  1. On the Home page, Select a Project on which to search for documentation.
  2. Select a document type from the Navigation Menu.

The selected Navigation Menu expands.

  1. Select the document type for which you want to search.

The [Document Name] Search page appears.

  1. Click the icon.

The Audit page displays.

  1. Click in the following sections to see additional document details of:
    • Audit Log
    • E-mails
    • PDF—displays a link of the document and the document's creation date

Note: When you select a PDF, it is downloaded locally.

  • Alerts—displays detailed action item details, including the user who received the action, the name of the action item, action status and date the action item was sent

Tip: You can access the Audit Search page from any Document Audit page by clicking the Audit banner.