Issue a Change for Approval

Changes are issued to Owner for approval. Only Contract Administrators can issue a Change.

To issue a change:

  1. Click on the Project that contains the Change in your Action Items list.

    The Action Items list expands.

  1. Click the Action Item to review the Quotation.
  1. Review the Quotation, and any attachments or comments entered by the General Contractor Project Manager.
  2. If required, you can revise the following fields:
  1. Complete any additional fields:
  1. To action the Quotation, select one of action buttons from the top toolbar. For more information on additional actions, see Review a Quotation.
  2. Once the Quotation has been closed, the Change Edit page displays.

  1. To action the Change, select one of action buttons from the top toolbar:
    1. Click . to request pricing on the scope of work. For more information, see Request Pricing.
    2. Click to issue the Change for approval. For more information, see Issue a Document.
Who's next?
Owner to review and approve the Change. For more information, see Approve a Change
What's next?
The Change has been closed and the Change Order Edit page displays. For more information, see Issue a Change Order.
  1. the Change Directive to close or edit later. For more information, see Save a Document.