Configure Printed Forms

Configuring printed forms allow you to use different templates to change the layout of your project's printed documents. For more information on how to create and/or customize printed forms, see Custom Printed Form / Report.

Note: A printed form is created and customized to meet the needs of the client or project and may not include all fields available for the document. A field completed on a document’s Edit page will only display on the printed form if that field is included in the custom form layout.


To configure printed forms:

  1. Search for the project you want to edit. For steps to search for a project, see Search for a Project.
  2. Next to the project you want to edit, click Edit.

    The Project Directory for the specific project displays.

  3. Click .

The Configure Printed Forms page displays.

  1. Select the drop-down for the document template you want to change and choose a template.
  2. Click .