Replace User(s) on a Project

Quickly replace a user within a project.

Note: The new User must not be in the project prior to replacing an existing user.

To replace a user on a project:

  1. Access the Manage Users page. For more information, see Manage Users on a Project

    The Manage Users page for the specific project appears.

  1. Click .

The Replace User page displays.

  1. Using the Start Typing to Search feature, enter:
    1. the name of the Existing User you want to replace
    2. the name of the New User you want to add
  1. Select the applicable options to assign to the New User.

    Tip: Applicable options allow copying of existing setting, access, e-mail subscriptions of user to the new user and/or removing the existing user in the project.

  2. Click .

The Manage User page for the specific project displays and the new user appears in the Existing Users table.