Release Date: January 24, 2020



Our News Feed widget has been Updated!

Our News Feed widget is set up to broadcast Twitter feeds. In version 9.22.0, it will no longer just display the text and link but will also show images, too.


Change Order

It is now easier to distinguish Changes or Change Directives that can be added to a Change Order from those that have not.  If a Change or Change Directive can be added, a blue "Add" button will appear.



Need more space to type the description of an existing Meeting item?  Adjust the size of the Description box by dragging the bottom right corner of the text box with your mouse. 


Progress Claim

In version 9.22.0, Tax amount header will display the name and percentage of tax in Progress Claim based from the details saved in the Project.


Things to Consider

  • Adjustments to the Tax Name/Percentage will be reflected in new Progress Claims only


Company Directory

  • It is now easier to identify if a company is active or inactive with the addition of an active column on the Search page.
  • An additional active column has been added to the "Contacts" section of a Company, allowing Project Administrators to quickly identify why users associated with the Company have active accounts.


Reviewing Consultant Recommendations

In 9.22.0, Contract Administrators no longer have to navigate to multiple Recommendations to view Consultants comments.  When a Contract Administrator edits one of the below documents, the Comments from the document will display along with the Recommendations details.

  • Unsolicited Change Request
  • Quotation
  • Request for Substitution
  • Progress Claim


Resolved Issues

Feature Description
Unsolicited Change Request
  • Text entered in the description and reason fields no longer clear when a Consultant Recommendation is issued on an Unsolicited Change Request
  • When a General Contractor closes the Unsolicited Change Request, text entered into the "Not Accepted/Reason for Re-quote" field is now maintained

Site Visit
  • Site Visit Item and Area no longer duplicates when new areas are added
  • Area now displays in the Site Visit item grid when new item is added
Quotation When a Quotation has been initiated, "New Quotation" button no longer displays
Administrator Specific Improved "Trouble Encountered" error message received when an E-mail subscription is added and does not meet required criteria


For more information about previous releases, see Release Notes.