Release Date: March 29, 2020


New Functionality

Package and E-mail Package

Both Request for Substitution (RFS) and Submittal Search pages have been refreshed to include the "Package" and "E-mail Package" functionality. Like the "Package" option, "E-mail Package" combines PDF documents into a single PDF, but does so behind the scenes, allowing you to work on other documents and tasks in Onware. You will receive an e-mail with the combined package of PDF documents once Onware has completed the combining.


E-mail package has been implemented on Change, Change Directive, and Progress Claim.


Things to Consider

  • Non-PDF attachments, such as images, are not included in the package of documents

  • E-mail attachment size limits are still applicable when sending the E-mail package



E-mail Subscription - Wording Updated

To help provide clarity and understanding on all the different ways to access documents in an E-mail Subscription, we have updated the description for each available options.


Submittal Search page grid results will now include the dates the Submittal was "Issued On" and/or "Returned On"


Change Request Adjustments

Visit this link for more information: https://onware.com/2020/03/09/change-request-adjustments/


Change Order

The Associated Changes and Change Directives sections now display status of each document. Since both Change and Change Directive have settings which can alter their workflow, these settings also alter when they are available to associate to a Change Order.  Displaying their respective status(es) will assist in clarifying which workflow is used.


Revisions available in Request for Substitution Workflow

Visit this link for more information: https://onware.com/2020/03/09/revisions-available-in-request-for-substitution-workflow



Visit this link for more information: https://onware.com/2020/03/09/meeting-improvements/



  • Standard Report for Transmittal is now available.
  • It can be accessed through the Reports section at the bottom of Transmittal Search page.


Project Users List

Want to know who are the active users in your project? That's easy! We've added an "Active User" column to help you identify your users' status to easily identify to everyone on the project whether these are current or past project participants.


Administrator Specific

Within the E-mail Subscription page of a project, Project Administrators can now filter and locate information in the "Existing E-mail Subscriptions" section easier using the "group by" or "search by typing" functions now available.


Resolved Issues

Feature Description
Setting Updated Change Directive Approval setting to allow amendment of the setting when Change Directive is in "Initiated", "Closed" or "Cancelled" status
  • Submittal Standard report no longer displays Submittal Histories which have been "marked as deleted"
  • General Contractor can now send Submittal History to a user with "Subcontractor" project-level access
  • When "Browse for Project Users" feature is used, inactive users will no longer display in the list of users
Consultant Recommendation
  • When a Contract Administrator is reviewing a Consultant Recommendation, the Change Estimate section now displays
  • Corrected spelling when saving a Consultant Recommendation as a PDF

Request for Substitution An initiated Request for Substitution can now be generated as a PDF
Documentation When "sign-off " is used to close a Documentation, PDF snapshot does not go to PDF queue
Progress Claim Entering the "Period To" date in Progress Claim no longer cause page to freeze
Contract List of read-only Contracts display on inactive project


For more information about previous releases, see Release Notes.