Issue a Quotation

If a Change or Change Directive has been issued for pricing on a project, and you are the General Contractor Project Manager, you will receive an action item on your Home page to issue a quotation. You can also access the document on the Change Search page or Change Directive Search page.

Quotations can't be issued independently, as they are created within a Change or Change Directive.

To issue a quotation:

  1. Click on the Project that contains the Change or Change Directive in your Action Itemslist.

The Action Items list expands.

Tip: Documents requiring your review will be labeled "Pricing Required" after the document title.

  1. Click the Action Item.

The Document Price page displays.

  1. Review the Change to determine the basis of the Quotation.
  2. Click .

The Quotation page displays.

Note:The Contract, Number, and Title of the Quotation is in sequence based on the Change or Change Directive the Quotation was requested from.

  1. Complete the necessary fields:
  1. Complete any additional fields:
  2. To action the Quotation, select one of action buttons from the top toolbar:
  1. Click for info on issuing a document the Quotation. For more information, see Issue a Document.
Who's next?
Contract Administrator to review the Quotation. For more information, see Review a Quotation
What's next?
A confirmation page affirming all required information is completed and the document has successfully transitioned to the identified status.
  1. the Quotation to issue or edit later. For more information, see Save a Document.