New Question

Onware allows you to pose a new question in a Request for Information for situations where there is missing or incorrect information provided in a response, or a secondary follow up question is required.

Selecting this option will allow the General Contractor Project Manager to issue details of a new question to selected Consultants while maintaining the original question's and responses' history.

To pose a new question:

  1. From the Top Toolbar, click .

The Request for Information page displays.

  1. Complete the necessary fields:

Note:The document Number, Title, Priority , and Required By date is populated based on the information entered in the original Request for Information. When a new question is posed, the previous revision is automatically closed, a new revision is created, and the revisions are linked. The new revision is populated with copied information from the previous revision.

  1. Select the Disciplines you want to send the Request for Information to in the Direct to Discipline section.
  2. Using the Rich Text Editor:
    • Enter anyNotes.
    • Required: Enter your Question.
    • Enter any Suggestion(s).
  1. Complete any additional fields:
  1. To action the Request for Information, select one of action buttons from the top toolbar:
    1. Click for info on issuing a document the Request for Information. For more information, see Issue a Document.
Who's next?
Consultants selected in the Direct to Discipline section to review and respond to the Request for Information. For more information, see Respond to a Request for Information
What's next?
A confirmation page affirming all required information is completed and the document has successfully transitioned to the identified status.
  1. the Request for Information to issue or edit later. For more information, see Save a Document.