Submit a Submittal

Submittals are used to gather reviews on shop drawings, samples, etc. Only a Subcontractor can submit a Submittal.

To submit a Submittal:

  1. On the Home page, Select a Project on which to submit the Submittal.

The Project details display on the Home page.

  1. From the Constructionmenu, select Submittal.

The Submittal Search page displays.

  1. Click .

The Submittal Submit page displays.

  1. Complete the necessary fields:
  2. Complete any additional fields:
  3. To action the Submittal, select one of the action buttons from the top toolbar:
  1. Click for info on issuing a document the Submittal. For more information, see Submit a Document.
Who's next?
Users selected in the To field to review the Submittal. For more information, see Review a Submittal
What's next?
A confirmation page affirming all required information is completed and the document has successfully transitioned to the identified status.
  1. the Submittal to issue or edit later. For more information, see Save a Document.